Cort-ma Law - 531m (to 518m top)
Sunday 5th October 2008

Weather/Conditions: Excellent evening. Nice temperate with bright, blue skies with a setting sun. Very nice day.
Accompanying: Dad

Cort-ma Law is a hill I see every day - it's outside my window. It's never something I actually visited and although Dad and I didn't walk as far as the summit, the walk was excellent and the pictures were great - it needed a mention here. A few other good things came out of the day - in the morning it became apparent that a trip to the Cairngorms may be possible over the week starting the 13th October. We'll see if that happens. (Edit 2008-10-15 - It did and it was a superb trip too) Additionally, we also got talking to a couple in a mountaineering club, and that was also interesting - I may have people to go walking with as a result. I spent the summer almost completely walking alone. I don't mind it and really enjoy it but safety is another issue and while alone doesn't bother me, winter is coming. Anyway, less on that and more about the day. The car park above Lennoxtown was packed with people, and we headed up the hill. The views were brilliant. I did a lot of peak identifying, and I discovered that Goatfell could be seen on the western horizon - as we gained altitude a few other hills came into view and they turned out to be be Cir Mhor and Caisteal Abhail. Beyond the first top on the way to Cort-ma Law, the conversation turned to photography, and at the last bump before the top (at 518m) we turned around, and went back. To stand by the summit trig point meant nothing more than more hopping over bogs and the excitement was not in the summit, it was in the views and the lowering sun. On top of that, the trig point was distant and there wasn't much reason to go - that'd be the wrong motivation here. I was enjoying the sun and the views and such things were good enough for me. So much for peak bagging! We left to go back down, and at the last cairn met the two walkers in the hillwalking club. That was an enjoyable conversation and who knows where it could take me? We left them and headed back down to the car.

Written: 2008-10-06