Auchineden Hill - 357m
Monday 7th July 2008

Weather/Conditions: A nice evening - the sun was low in the sky shining across. Warm mainly with a bit of wind and it rained very briefly but only a little and very lightly.
Accompanying: Dad some way

Dad and I were already at the Carbeth Inn in the evening and it was looking like there may be a nice sunset so we headed off to Auchineden Hill again. It was a nice walk up to the rocky viewpoint a hundred or so feet above the car park. Dad was going to stay here to do some photography although I went onwards, to the top of the hill. It was an incredible evening - in fact the Arrochar Alps were within some real intense light as the sun set behind them and the Campsies were amazingly cross lit. It's something you have to look at the photos to see.

I ended up at quite a height fairly quickly however it was a long way over some boggy ground to reach the summit trig point and I had the compulsion to reach that point whether the views were better or not. (they probably weren't much better) I had enough time, so I continued onwards over bog and grass to reach it. I ran at bits but wonder what people get out of fell-running. I personally find it torturing.

I was soon enough at the top and so what else to do than to turn around and go back the way I came? There were some rain showers heading towards but they turned out to be very brief and very light, if not rather refreshing and I quickly made my way back over bog to reach dad again who was nearer the car park. In the process I was faced with some wet jeans and some bog-hopping. I got a bit wet but one day I'm going to discover the joys of trousers that aren't jeans.

I got back within ten minutes and dad and I walked back to the car and from there, went home. This wasn't any kind of major hill, maybe more a heap of bog if you ask me but on such a nice night it was too good to resist getting out and only briefly if nothing else. There's a bit of a lack of new and larger mountains as-of-recently but I'll be on Arran soon, so that'll be a whole new experience.

Written: 2008-07-11