Auchineden Hill - 357m
Saturday 10th May 2008

Weather/Conditions: Humid, but not too hot - incredibly hazy though
Accompanying: Dad

This was a small, easy morning out over a familiar hill nearby. Actually, Auchineden Hill is the summit which lies beside the significantly better known "Whangie". No photos were taken, but the photo I do have is from 1997, one of the first times I went up.

We parked the car by the Queens View where there seems to be more burned out cars than there are parked. We walked up the side of the hill beside the old felled forest on the clearly defined path and then up beside the forest onto the high moor land. There weren't many views, it was too hazy yet I'm sure there weren't any clouds either, th air seemed to be one great murk. It was humid too, under this great haze and I should have brought water. We got to the trig point and left soon after - there certainly wasn't much to see. Yet I've got a photo from many years back here and conditions were pretty similar.

We left the top and walked down to the Whangie, a well known opening of rock, it's really quite impressive. Somewhere, it was thought up that the devil created it by swishing his tail at the hill while flying past... A load of bollocks really - who makes this stuff up? Still, It was 1pm by this point and after a quick walk back around the NW side of the hill, we were back to the car and home shortly after.

Short walk. :-)

Written + edited: 2008-08-15