Tinto - 707m
Sunday 30th September 2007

Weather/Conditions: Warm day, with blue sky and clouds, a small breeze most of the way up, and a bit windier at the top.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 7km / 480m / 3h 15m
Accompanying: Kim (amazingly :-) )

I took the train to Glasgow Central, and after waiting twenty minutes, took the train from there to Hamilton. After ten minutes standing outside Hamilton West, Kim's Grandpa pulled up in his Honda with Kim in the back and Kim's sister in the front. We went to Kim's house briefly and she picked up her things before her Grandpa, Kim and I drove to Tinto.


We arrived at Fallburn, outside Thankerton at 1.05pm. We left a few minutes later, and began walking up the lower slopes. Kim was going at an absolute snail’s pace, so I'd be ahead, then stop for a few minutes, and then walk again. When we reached the cairn at 478 metres, Kim's Grandpa decided to stop there and wait for us until we got down. Kim and I went on, following the path upwards (which actually reminded me of the Ben Nevis track a lot - a motorway, really) Apart from the fact that everything you sat on or touched was covered in spiders, it was a nice ascent. The last part was the slowest maybe, but we got to the top in the end (2.50pm)

When we arrived, I had confirmed to myself that this really was the largest cairn I'd seen in my life. I believe it may have some historical significance, although its metres high and it's even wider than it is tall. On top of this massive cairn (which is visible from many, many miles away) there's a trig point-like column to mark the top. There were a lot of wind-breakers dotted about, usually with old food in them, or people scribbling their names on rocks. I wasn't too impressed by this but I have to say, it felt like Nevis in more ways than one. Nevertheless it was a nice hill otherwise.


After a while and some pictures, we left the top and met Kim's grandpa on the way down, exactly where he was before. That's impressive, considering I don't have nearly that much patience! We were leaving just as the sun was setting in the sky. I was dropped off at Hamilton West, where I waited until a train came. I got home after another twenty minute wait at Central - not fun, but arrived home surprisingly exhausted!

Written: 2007-10-12
Edited: 2008-05-20